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Registration for Non-members

To register as a full Member of National Capital Ski Club instead with ALL the benefits that the Club has to offer go to Memberships.


Non-Members are welcome on National Capital Ski Club Day Trips. For insurance purposes you must register first. Registration is FREE and allows you to sign up for all day trips at the Non-Member rate. Before you proceed make sure you have the following items ready and completed so as not to unnecessarily delay your registration:

  1. Please download the waiver document, completed it and scan it ready for uploading.
    Liability Waiver: Waiver Completion

    Click below for a fillable version of the
    Liability Waiver Form in Adobe PDF format.

    Click below for the Waiver Completion
    Requirements in Adobe PDF format to
    assist you in completing the Liability Waiver.

  2. A recent photo.

Your application will be reviewed for accuracy and completeness. You receive will an e-mail when your application has been approved.

Questions? Contact our Membership Manager, Lisa: