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Membership in the National Capital Ski Club is open to everyone.

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The National Capital Ski Club exists to promote affordable skiing and snowboarding in the local Ontario and Quebec (including Mont Tremblant) region. It offers discounted rates in all aspects of skiing and boarding to its members. The National Capital Ski Club will get you to the hill more often for less money. Join and take advantage of the many Membership Discounts from lift tickets to ski vacations to full season equipment rentals to merchant discounts as detailed below.

Please note that we are continually negotiating discounts on your behalf - so keep watching our website for updates.

Membership in the National Capital Ski Club is open to everyone.

What's New

PLEASE, read me first.

Planned Opening Date

To accommodate changes brought about due to COVID-19, the ETA opening date for Membership Applications and Renewals is now 24 Aug 2020. This date is subject to change. PLEASE do not to try sign up for membership or to renew your membership before then; your membership record may get deleted.

As in past years, you must be a member before you can sign up for Ski Vacations. Ski Vacation registration is currently planned for 01 Sep 2020. This date too is subject to change.

Fees Rollback

In part due to Covid-19 and in keeping with our Mission to promote affordable family skiing and snowboarding, we’ve rolled back fees to last year’s Early Bird rates. Membership fees start at $20.00 for Adult standard.

As in prior years, fees were scheduled to go up on December 1st. On 01 Dec 2020 Adult fees would have gone up $5.00 and Family fees proportionately. For 20-21 the National Capital Ski Club will waive the increase.

Fees Rollover

Given the uncertainty that Covid-19 presents, if it turns out that the National Capital Ski does not operate in 2020-21, your fees will automatically be applied against the fees for following season.

Category Changes

The Military/First Responders membership categories have now become the Recognition categories. While the National Capital Ski Club is no longer associated with PSP we remember our roots in the Forces Ski Club and appreciate the sacrifices of the women and men in Canada's Armed Forces. This is why we continue to offer a discount of 10 per cent when compared to a Standard Adult membership and similar discounts for Family memberships.

Thank you Esential Workers. Last year, 2019, in appreciation of the services of those responding during flood emergency, First Responders were added to the discount category. With the advent of Covid-19 we have now included Essential Workers and are changing the category name to Recognition.

This was actually introduced last year but you may not have been aware of it. Recognizing that the modern families come in different shapes and sizes and in response to requests by our members, we created an Adult + Child category. The fees significantly less than the Family category. The Child must be under the age of 18 to qualify.

Waiver Updates

Like everyone else, our lawyers made us update our Liability Waiver & Release to include COVID-19. This means everyone, not just new members, need to accept the terms and conditions of the updated waiver. In keeping with the movement to contactless transactions, you will now have the option to check a box to indicate your agreement with the waiver.

The updated waiver can be viewed by clicking the link below. You can also save it or print it for future reference.

Your membership application or renewal will be suspended until it is complete, including a valid waiver, and payment has been received.

Questions? Contact our Membership Manager, Serena:

Categories & Fees

Membership Categories

This category includes people that are:

  • Canadian Armed Forces members and their families;
  • Firefighters, RCMP officers, other Police officers, Paramedics and Canadian Ski Patrollers (CSP);
  • Veterans of any of the above, with the exception of Canadian Ski Patrollers (CSP);
  • Foreign military members currently serving with the CAF and their families; and
  • NEW for 2020-21, Essential Workers.

This category includes all other people.

Membership Fees

ALL IN PRICING. (Prices include ALL applicable taxes.)


Early Bird Pricing

After December 1st
(waived for 2020-21)

Adult Standard



Adult Recognition



Adult + Child (minor)



Adult + Child (minor) Recognition



Family Standard



Family Recognition



The National Capital Ski Club has two membership classes. The first membership class is available to persons over the age of 18. This membership class carries a right to receive notice of meetings of the members and to vote on resolutions at meetings of the members. The second membership class is available to minors under the age of 18. Members of this class are not entitled to receive notice of meetings of the members nor are they entitled to vote on resolutions at meetings of the members.

How to Join

Before you proceed make sure you have the following items handy:

  1. A recent photo. This will be the photo used on your Membership Id. card. It should be a head and shoulders shot similar to a passport or drivers license photo. You can use your Membership card for discounts on our hills and merchant partners.
  2. Your Visa or Mastercard credit card.
  3. Review the Liability Waivers & Release

You can save or print the waiver for future reference.

WAIT! Did you read What's New for 2020-21?

Questions? Contact our Membership Manager, Serena:

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