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Skiing and Snow Boarding Lessons: Camp Fortune, Calabogie, Vorlage, Pakenham, Mont Cascades, and Edelweiss

Whether you are new to skiing or boarding or experienced, there was a lesson program that would either teach or further enhance your skills on snow (and perhaps correct some of those bad habits) to give you more confidence and competence. Lessons for both Adults and Children range from beginner through to advanced and racing.

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Group Lessons - Camp Fortune for the 2017-2018 Season:

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: 16 Oct 2017 - pricing details are on the Camp Fortune Lesson Registration Form.
Club members have until 16 Oct 2017 to submit their Camp Fortune lessons application(s) to our office.
Discount of 15% on all weekend 9 week programs
Discount of 30% on all weekday 9 week programs

Expired Deadline.

Group Lessons for the 2017-2018 Season:

The club negotiated lesson packages with major hills deserving the NCR (such as Camp Fortune, Vorlage, Pakenham, Mont Cascades, Calabogie, and Edelweiss). Fortune Lessons were to be booked using the form that was provided on our website. All other lessons are to be booked directly with the respective hills - noting your membership with the National Capital Ski Club (to be verified with your membership card).

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Availability for group lessons is limited, and the deadline for registration vary between hills. We recommend registering before 30 Nov for all hills (with the exception of Camp Fortune, which has a deadline of 16 oct 2017).

NATIONAL CAPITAL SKI CLUB LESSON PRICES 2017-2018 (updated 20 Nov 2017)
Lesson Program Discount Price Comments
All weekend 9 week program 15% - Form must be submitted to the club by 16 Oct 2017
All weekday 9 weeks program 30% - Form must be submitted to the club by 16 Oct 2017
*See Camp Fortune website for details
Lesson Program Discount Price Comments
All Weekend Programs 20% -
Private Lessons 20% -
Camps 20% -
*See Calabogie website for details
Lesson Program Discount Price Comments
Adult All Lessons program* 20% -
*See Vorlage website for details
Lesson Program Discount Price Comments
Night Owl (8 week) (Lessons Only) - $114 Add lift Tickets for $128
Private Lessons $5 discount - on regular price 55 minute private lesson
advance reservations required

Taxes not included

*See Mount Pakenham website for details
Lesson Program Discount Price Comments
GROUP weekend lessons
(Tots group, Kids Camp, White Days Adult).
20% - No discount on the snow school pass
White Nights Adult program
2 hour group lesson for 7 week
15% (1) 185$ Includes one 5/7 Quad Pass valid all winter

Taxes not included

(1) % is based on the approximated difference between the price offered to the club and
       the regular price at the hill.
*See Mont Cascades website for other details
Lesson Program Discount Price Comments
All existing program of Edelweiss ski school 15% - On presentation of its member card directly to Edelweiss ski school
*See Edelweiss website for other details
Lessons Policy
  • One form per person signing up for lessons
  • Complete first and last names with Ski Club #
  • VISA/MC # must be on every form (if method of payment)
  • If cancelled due to injury/medical then a doctor's note is required
  • $25 administration fee will be applied for any changes after deadline, payable to the ski hill. Please be sure the information is correct